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Bird’s Haven Farms has some of the highest quality local produce. Their product comes in clean and as fresh as is possible. Bird’s Haven also makes it easy to order through email and are always there to answer questions.
— Paul Millman, Acre

As one of Granville Village Schools, Denison Dining, and Ohio State Universities very first direct farm to table partners we are proud of our professionalism, ease of ordering, and friendly relationships with buyers. We have worked with many buyers during their first ever time purchasing local and have been able to help smooth out the bugs and make for an enjoyable partnership for years.

Buying directly from a family farm, without any middle man, is a unique opportunity to build trust, have a working relationship with the grower, and the opportunity to find a middle ground in order to allow your business to serve local produce as often as possible. You don’t have to switch to 100% local to make a difference. Even committing a portion of one product, one meal a month, or one entire ingredient makes a huge difference to our family, our employees, and this community.

Bird’s Haven is a wonderful local partner. They’re professional, extremely accommodating, and their produce is delicious. We’re proud to call them a Farm to Fork partner!
— Piper Fernwey, Community Programs & Sustainability Support Manager, Bon Appetit Management Company

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