Spring has SPRUNG early here on Bird’s Haven Farms! Can you believe it is already officially Spring and we are only 64 days away from our first 2012 CSA drop-off and Farmer’s Market!!
Speaking of 2012 CSA subscriptions you only have until Sunday, April 1st to sign-up for your subscription. You can do so here! What is holding you back? Any last-minute questions we can answer? Let us know and email us at birdshavenfarms@outlook.com! For those of you who have joined WELCOME! We cannot wait to share in our summer harvest and joining together in this endeavor! Emails will go out the first week of April with more details and information!
We are getting ready for our 2012 season and have already transplanted over 1,000 tomatoes to three of our high-tunnels!! Many ask us what a high-tunnel is and what is the difference between that and a greenhouse. Well, high-tunnels or hoop houses do not have heat inputs. Meaning, only the double layer plastic, and the sun do the heating. Our two greenhouses have heat inputs. This is where we use our wood-burning-water-boiler to heat the greenhouses. Hoop houses are great at extending the season but can only keep it 5-8 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Greenhouses can maintain any temperature we set for it. Just as long as we keep the wood burner stoked!
These high tunnels will ensure you the customer has tomatoes almost 6-8 weeks earlier than field tomatoes!!! Yum… I can taste them now…
Even Olivia is so excited she had to get in on the action and start planting –
Our little farm girl in pink dress and sandals!
Remember our ANNUAL SEASON OPENING is APRIL 28th at 10:00 AM!!! Get ready for 500 individually designed hanging baskets and starter vegetable and herb plants! 
Just a few pictures to get you excited! You can see more on our Spring Facebook Album!!
Aunt Barbara hands designs each of the 500 hanging baskets and planters to ensure a season of beauty!!
Who wants to grow some tomatoes this year?!
Starter plants ready for YOUR garden!!
500 Hanging Baskets Ready to GROW!

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